What’s in a Name?

Whats in a Name?

During the hiring process you ask applicants a lot of questions so you can decide if they are the right person for your company. Applicants will usually provide their social security number (SSN), date of birth, address, former employer and education history just to name a few. All this information is important to research your applicant, determine their qualifications and,most of all, decide if you want to hire them.

However, one specific question often overlooked in the information gathering process is “Have you ever used another name?” Better known as an AKA, alias or maiden name,these other names can be one of the most important parts of a background check. Not every state, county or federal jurisdiction offers a criminal history search by SSN and often searches will be based on name, date of birth and address to verify identity. Due to these search parameters it is vitally important that you request and present all alias names when submitting a background check.

Understanding what you are ordering and why you are ordering it is an important part of the employment screening process. It can affect the turnaround time and accuracy of the background checks requested.   What’s in a name?  Everything. What you don’t know can hurt you and what you know, if not acted upon, can hurt you as well.


Address Information Manager

The best way to start your order with Bullet Screening Services is to use the Order By SSN function.  Order By SSN uses a product called the Address Information Manager (AIM), a powerful investigative tool that provides information on past names, addresses and movement patterns. Running the AIM report first allows an employer to see alias names and address history up front and choose the searches that will best research the applicant’s history. The resulting background check is more thorough and can give you a higher level of confidence in your hiring practices.

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