About Us

Running a good business is about assembling the right tools for a job. That starts with making sure the people you trust to help you with your business are a great fit. At Bullet Screening Services our mission is to help with your hiring process so all you’re concerned with is doing what you’re passionate about.

Bullet Screening Services has been providing employment screening services since 1997 and is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive services to assist employers in making their hiring decisions.


Letter from the CEO

More than anything, I am a big believer in the power of trust in this emerging and intricate global economy we live in. I base a lot of these feelings on having read “The Speed of Trust” by Steven M.R. Covey where Covey says that trust is the essential ingredient for any high-performance, successful organization.

We find the power of trust on so many levels within a business. This trust is valuable for protecting what you, a proud business owner, has worked so hard to build. It’s valuable from the most personal to the most indirect interactions with coworkers and peers.

We help you work on all those levels here at Bullet Screening Services.

At Bullet we believe in integrity that inspires trust by giving you the facts about the products and services we provide that give a peace of mind with each individual you trust to help you grow your business.

We know that we are confident in our capabilities and we strive to provide the best data available in the most clear and concise way that you trust you’ll be getting.

We know that cookie-cutter services are not what you’re after. Your business is unique. It deserves unique attention and due diligence. You trust us to understand you and your needs. We trust you’ll be pleased with what we deliver.

Part of building that trust is educating our clients on emerging technologies and helping them get the most out of our services.

As we ourselves begin to grow, we are improving our services through training webinars and videos about giving you the tools to help your company grow as well.

Trust is about building a relationship. We take our relationships with clients very seriously. As you saw on our home page we offer a “24/7 Always online” service. We know that your business demands a lot from you at any hour of the day. You in turn demand a lot from us.

It’s our mission to insure that you’ll trust us to be there.

We hope that you’ll trust our dedication to helping build strong businesses by making sure the right people are there to work.

Let’s start building that relationship today.

Steve Ammons
CEO Bullet Screening Services